Thai FDA Awards 2020

We are pleased to announce that the FDA of Thailand recently awarded S&J International with “The Overall Best Award” for 2020. We are extremely proud to be the only cosmetic and personal care company in Thailand to receive this award. The recognition is based on the following criteria: 

  • manufacture and developing safe products with integrity and ethics in the production process
  • consistently supply sustainable and responsible products 
  • is a good role model for other companies
  • show social responsibility and caring for the environment 
  • promoting activities for the development of society, morality, culture, and environment 

Khun Thirasak Vikitset and Dr. Malyn Ungsurungsie comment: “We on behalf of S&J International and our dedicated team are extremely proud to receive the recognition from the Thai FDA – we are and always will be 100% committed to developing our company to the highest standards and be a best in class corporate citizen”. 

The Thai FDA also presented the “Quality Award 2020” to qualified Consumer Goods and Healthcare companies in Thailand and we are very honored of having received this recognition together with 11 manufacturers. 

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