Sunscreen products in Thailand

Better Way, the owner of Mistine, and S&J have for many years developed, manufactured, and marketed high quality beauty and skincare products in Asia. After 35 years of close corporation, the Mistine brand today commands a market leading position in multiple markets in Asia.

S&J and Better Way’s latest initiative is our commitment to that none of Mistine’s sunscreen products will contain chemicals or ingredients that is harmful or threaten the coral reefs and marine life.

Lately, S&J (represented by Dr. Malyn Ungsurungsi), Better Way (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources of Thailand signed a cooperation agreement on the use of sunscreen products that do not contain harmful substances for coral reefs. This agreement supports the recently announced ban in Thailand on sunscreens containing chemicals that destroy coral reefs in Thailand’s 26 marine national parks.

At S&J, we care deeply about sustainability. We are committed to the environment and offer our customers responsibly produced skincare products. We are committed to that none of our skincare products contain chemicals or ingredients that threaten the coral reefs and other marine life.


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