S&J win awards in New York

The 9th edition of MakeUp in New York has closed its doors and we are very proud to have been awarded “The Innovation Tree Award” for the third time in 2019. After winning awards in Los Angeles and Paris we were delighted to have, not one but, two products selected for this award in New York. The Innovation Tree is a selection of the best innovations received for each MakeUp show, by a committee of internationally recognized experts who meet for a whole day to elect what will be the make-up and skincare products of tomorrow. This selection is displayed on a tree during the show and this year the team in New York awarded S&J International two prizes for our new innovations – “Cool & Calm Oil Control” and “Milky Lip Blush”.

Glowing skin will continue to be at the center of consumer needs where creativity will embrace influencers changing the way brands reach new groups of consumers. Eco-friendly and clean brands will have an edge on the competition as consumers demand products that help them reduce waste and put the planet before profit. At S&J International, we are the go-to trendsetter in cosmetic and skincare development and manufacturing. Maintaining a fine balance between art and technology, we inspire and create product for renowned beauty brands that are looking for the ideal partner in the creation and execution of innovative, high quality product.