SJI Civil State Project: Banana Planting for Elephants

S&J have for more than 10 years supported and implemented elephant conservation projects to help improve the living conditions of Thailand’s elephants and give elephants the opportunity to roam freely and behave naturally.

The elephant enjoys a special place in the Thai psyche, and is revered by many. Nevertheless, many have been abused and overworked, particularly within the tourism sector, and there are now a number of sanctuaries around Thailand that are homes for old and injured elephants.

Our first project, more than 10 years ago, was in Si Satchanalai Elephant Conservation Project in Sukhothai Province by establishing an elephant clinic to provide first aid for sick elephants before transferring them to animal hospitals. 2 years later, S&J established the second elephant clinic at Old Elephant Village, Kanchanaburi Province, with over 20 elephants under our care. Over the years our projects continued to expand by among others establishing an elephant health center in Mae Sot, Tak Province, to take care of over 200 elephants in 5 districts and bringing elephants into the 180 elephants world project in Surin Province.

Our latest initiative is to support the world-class elephant sanctuary, The Elephant Study Center, with the creation of the “S&J : Banana Planting for Elephants Project” with the key objective to provide 82 elephants a good and sufficient source of food throughout the year by planting bananas and Napier grass on the 20-rai land of Elephant Study Center,

We in S&J will continue to be dedicated to providing care and support Thailand’s elephant population through local community outreach, rescue and rehabilitation programs.


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