S&J receives Innovation award

Innovation is constant in the cosmetics and personal care industry where brands have to innovate to continue being in line with consumer demands. Consumers are getting more and more attentive to quality, effectiveness and immediate results while at the same time focusing on sustainability and being environmental consciousness. Consumers want to know where the ingredients are coming from and whether all of it is ethical and safe. We are very proud of been recognized as a “TOP INNOVATIVE ORGANIZATION” from the National Innovation Agency and the Securities Exchange of Thailand (SET) where our company has been assessed to the highest level with outstanding development in innovative strategies and creating an innovation culture as well as being able to lead the organization to innovation excellence in a sustainable manner.

In S&J, we are continuously seeking out the new and future trend ingredients that will differentiate our products and will excite and engage consumers. Our innovation captures and covers the breadth of the market depending on your brand’s needs, whether for premium, mid-market or price-sensitive sectors. As one of the major international beauty and personal care manufacturers, our focus is on affordable innovation, and exceptional quality for world markets. We recognize that every brand has a unique personality, and we tailor our innovation to the brand’s needs and whilst always quick to market, we never compromise our standards for quality, and we never compromise on safety in any aspect of our products or business.