The FAIRTRADE International Organization provides a way for producers, businesses, and consumers to help make a positive change, for themselves and for others. All businesses that work with FAIRTRADE are held to rigorous FAIRTRADE standards, which drive income sustainability, community and individual well-being, empowerment, environmental stewardship and taking steps to protect the planet.

The FAIRTRADE Mark is recognized by consumers around the world as the leading social and sustainable development Mark. It inspires high trust around the world that a considered customer purchase improves the lives of people and communities in developing countries. In S&J, we use FAIRTRADE certified ingredients in our formulas for our beauty and personal care products as it means that the working conditions where the ingredient is produced uphold a standard of working conditions considered humane and ethical.

We are proud of being FAIRTRADE certified as it demonstrates and acknowledge S&J’s 100% commitment to working conditions, transparency, the environment and gender equity.