S&J International Enterprises Public Company Limited

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     A creative approach is adopted throughout the development process, so our customers can continually source innovative product concepts for competing effectively in every market.


     Using the latest technologies, SJI's s extensive in-house design team always look to create packaging designs that deliver maximum brand and product identity, as well as being as visually as pleasing as possible to the consumer.

  • R&D

     Dedicated teams of experienced chemists develop the widest range of customized formulations, incorporating approved materials that provide benefit to the consumer and add value to the products.

     Once developed, the greatest care is taken to extensively test each product for safety and effectiveness.


     SJI has a strong expertise in the design, manufacture, and assembly of promotional and gift-set items that can incorporate a wide range of cosmetic and toiletry products.    

     Combined with our extensive network of regional component and material suppliers, we can transform customer concepts into imaginative finished products that can either promote a brand range, or be effectively retailed as an individual gift.

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